Sunday, November 7, 2010

Grain Mills?

The joke among real food families is that Mom might as well set up a bed in the kitchen, because she spends more time in there than she does sleeping ;o) While that's a bit of a stretch, I do spend A LOT of time in the kitchen. And I enjoy that! It's the heart of our home. And we have been so blessed by our new home and it's enormous and inviting kitchen. It easily lives up to my expectation as heart of the home (minus the fact that currently it is refrigerator-less).

But since I do spend a good portion of my day storing, preparing, and eating real foods, I'm always on the look out for something that will make my job a little easier and my family a little healthier! And if that gadget also makes us a little more prepared in case of emergency, then sign me up! The latest toy practical tool that's caught my eye is a grain mill. There aren't many choices in this arena but enough to make the decision difficult. The 2 that stand out are the NutriMill and the WonderMill.

Soon, Organic Mama's Shop will launch a new retail site, selling not only my handmade items, but also gadgets and tools to help make living a more sustainable lifestyle a little easier! So whichever mill I decided on, I'll open up a wholesale account and sell them though our new site! (But I will be ordering Mills before the site launches, so if you're interested, let me know!)

But for now, I'm in the research process. So far, both mills seem to be really quality machines. But which one will be a better buy? Not sure yet... I'll let you know what I find out ;)

Anyone with experience with either one, feel free to weigh in!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jewelry Giveaway!

Just finished up a cowl for myself from the fall-ish yarn I posted about on my FB fan page earlier this week (I promise to post a pic later!). Then I found these fun earrings from another homeschooling Etsy mom, that will match it perfectly!! And she's having a giveaway on her blog this week! Go check it out at or follow the link in her Etsy shop.

Hope you're all enjoying some wonderful fall weather!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's been a while!

Here's a pic of Braveheart ;o) I thought I was buying Free Ranging Chickens, but ended up with Free Loading Chickens...

Life is wonderfully busy! LOL I've let this little blog slip by the wayside... Not that life has slowed down at all, but I feel like maybe it's time to pick this back up. Lots has happened! We've added a yarn shop- and many new products to our main shop Thank you to everyone who made my Birthday Week Facebook Giveaways a smashing success! If you haven't 'like'd me on FB yet, go check it out- . I try to post fun recipes, helpful articles, giveaways on other sites and of course some freebies from my own shop as well!

So check back often! As I venture through this jungle of homeschooling, homesteading, and home business, I hope to pass along some useful info ;o)


Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Plan...

Here's my Meal Plan for this week ;o)  I've tried to make it really simple!  Martha Stewart sends me really delicious recipes every day, but I'm going to ignore all of her elaborate recipes and K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple, Silly!).  I've included the PDF I've made of my next 2wks meal plan, and I've outlined it here with links to all my recipes for this week.  I'll save next week, for next week ;o)
You'll see I use my 5min bread recipe A LOT!  It's a great book!  If you don't have it, I suggest you go get it!!  Check it out on my cute new bookshelf----->

Thanks again for peeking in on me!  I'd love to hear what you think!  And check in on me again!  It keeps me accountable :o)

Here's the link to my PDF meal plan. I'm working on figuring out how to publish the actual file on here ;o)

Sunday Night
~Prep for Monday... 
   Defrost 1 lb Burger and chicken in fridge
   Make Cookies (substitute organic/natural ingredients when possible)
   Make 5min bread Dough and let rise overnight

      - Start Oatmeal
      - Bake a loaf of 5min bread and refrigerate the rest.
      - Make Grilled Cheese Sandwhiches
      - Celery and Dip
      - Spaghetti
      - Tossed Salad w/ apples, cheese, and walnuts
      - Chocolate Pudding for dessert

Prep for Tomorrow
      - Defrost burger in fridge
      - Pancake batter


      - Pancakes and apples
      - Make Banana Muffins
      - Bake bread
      - PB&J and bananas
      - Tacos and corn
Prep for tomorrow
      - Make strata

      - Bake Strata
      - Make crackers
      - Turkey Sandwiches
      - Put chicken in oven
      - Roast chicken
Prep for tomorrow
       - Make dough
       - Defrost pot roast in fridge

      - Eggs and toast
      - Cut veggies for snack
      - Left over chicken and fruit
      - 30 minute Chili
Prep for tomorrow
      - Make Granola

      - Cold Cereal
      -Tuna Sandwiches
      - Cheese Pizzas (using 5min dough)
Prep for tomorrow
      - Yogurt and Fruit
      -Cheesy Pasta ( see recipe below )
      - Skillet Beef Stroganoff
Prep for tomorrow

      - Oatmeal
      - Put Pot Roast in Crock Pot
      - Make Brownies
      - Pot Roast Supper
Prep for tomorrow
      -Defrost burger
      -Make cookies
      -Make Bread Dough

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Preview of my week...

Ok, today is the day!  I'm going to spend this weekend getting my life a little more organized!  And I'm blogging about it in hopes that it keeps me accountable.... even if no one else reads it.. hehe ;o)  But if you do, leave me a comment!  It's always nice to know someone's checkin in on me.

I think my Achilles heel is that there is nothing constant in my day... Z never leaves at the same time in the morning, or get home at the same time at night.  We have no buses to catch, no school bells or time clocks....  So our days are kinda just go with the flow, see where we end up.  And that's not working!  I don't usually like where we end up- pressed for time, messy kitchen, forgotten naps, missed events, and no time for what really counts.

So I've identified my problem- now what's the solution?  There seems to be some mental block for me with getting organized.  But I think my plan for this week is to get military style strict with our meal schedule. 
8:30- Start Breakfast
12:30- Start Making Lunch
5:00 Begin Dinner Prep

I'm setting my alarm, and when it goes off, I'm going to drop what I'm doing and get working in the kitchen ;o)  I'm going to focus on those time frames and I think the rest of the days activities will fall into place around them...  If i can accomplish this for one week, I'll add some more to my schedule the following week.
Check back tomorrow for my meal plan!


Monday, April 5, 2010

After Easter....

Boy, it seems like I've been putting everything off until after Easter. "Yeah, let's get together after Easter." or "I'll get to that project after Easter. Well now that it's after Easter I'm having to make good on all those promises! somehow I thought the Easter bunny would leave a couple extra hours of daylight in my Easter basket...

I'm trying to slow down and make sure to fit in the important things, like a peanut buttery picnic ;o)
Life is beautifully hectic! I don't think I could be happy with a predictable life, but I would like to figure out how to make my life a little more orderly {{shrug}} That's one thing I've ALWAYS struggled with is keeping things organized. As the Lord blesses me with more things, I know I need to figure out how to make it all fit together so things aren't falling through the cracks any more.

Any suggestions??

On another note ;o) I'm in the mood to win something pretty, and I stumbled upon this fun giveaway over at Just a Mom, Ha!

Go check it out and maybe win yourself something fun!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

West Mi Families!
Check out all these fun local giveaways!!

And don't forget to look me up on facebook!  Search to find the details of my latest giveaway!

Shannon Wendt
Organic Mama's Shop~
Unique and Practical Mothering Accessories and Necessities

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Catholic Heritage Curricula is hosting a 24/365 Virtual Conference!

I love this idea! Now you can browse through all of their material online just like you'd be able to if you were at a conference in person! ALSO, there are discounts, free shipping, and giveaways!

Just in time to start planning your next school year, right! Right? Positive thinking! Ha ha! I'm such a procrastinator... I was going to give that up for lent this year, but decided to wait until next year ;o)

Ok, not really, I'm not that bad. I'm giving up sleeping in, I figure that's the root of a lot of my bad habits. So if I get up early every morning, now I'll have time to check out the virtual conference and plan my school year early.

Praise be to God for giving us a new day each and every morning!

Monday, March 1, 2010

And the winner is....

Drum roll please .,.,.,.,.,.

LONA!!! From

Congrats Lona! All the game sponsors will contact you ;o)

Thanks everyone for playing!! I'd love to hear your feedback on the game


Garden Mama and Natural Suburbia Giveaway

A fun Giveaway featuring a member of SHE team!
Some super fun Easter items!
Leave a comment to enter ;o) It's that east!


Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kim Payne's Shop and the FINAL CLUE

If you're new to the game, click here first!

It's a delight to be able to tell you all about Kim's shop! She's one of my very favorite SHE (Schooling @ Home Etsian) team members! She's been sweet enough to create some very fun and useful items for me ;o) First she created the worlds most adorable apron then she made me a very cute and practical organizer to put a bunch of school stuff in. She ROCKS!! Go check out her shop at

After a long hiatus, she recently restocked her shop with her sweet little dolls and stuffed animals. I'll be ordering this sweet little rabbit for an upcoming b-day, can't wait ;o)

Kim is a very talented seamstress and more importantly, she's one of the sweetest Mamas you'll ever meet!

If you go visit her blog , you can enter to win "Speedy" one of her new animal creations!

Go visit her shop for the FINAL CLUE!! And the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree if you know what I mean...
If you're having trouble finding it, let me know and I'll try to point you in the right direction.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mountaineer Country

If you're new to the game, click here first!

Shannon is a very talented and inspiring homeschooling mama. She and her family have relocated to the foothills of beautiful West Virginia, seeking a simpler, family-centered lifestyle. That feeling of beautiful simplicity, faith and harmony shines through when you visit her shop or her blog.

Shannon, along with her family, work to create the "eclectic mix" of items you find in her shop. There are knitted and crocheted items such as scarves, bath puffs and other bath items. Then there are also turned or carved wooden items; adorable toy boats, lovely bowls, ink pens, and many others. All the items are of such fine quality, it's amazing that one family could produce them all! It would be hard to know what to choose - a bath puff would be a nice treat; but the toy boats are so precious!

So visit, and see for yourself - and find clue #9!

Allorahandmade Party Sunny Necklace GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Allorahandmade Party Sunny Necklace GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Here's another fun giveaway!!

Yummy Giveaway on Cupcake wishes and Birthday Dreams :oP Go check it out!!

Log Cabin Creations and Clue #8

If you're new to the game, click here first ;o)

Krysti is relatively new to the Etsy world ;o) She just opened up her shop , in December! She creates her beautiful felted and antique bead works of art a little north of the border in Eagle, Alaska! Man, I thought I was worried about snow! She's a crafter by nature and has dabbled in different crafts throughout her life and is currently exploring her love of antique trade beads. The history of which is almost as fun as her jewelry it self!

She also has some fantastic felted items! I'm a particular fan of this scarf (pictured above) which I found in her shop.

She is a super sweet Homeschoolin Mama from our 'Last Frontier'. Visit her FaceBook page for some fan only deals! And visit her shop to find our Clue #8!!

Happy Hunting!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Elegant Rose Boutique and Clue #7

If you're new to the game, click here first ;o)

Oh man! I could use some of Melissa's Headache Relief Balm! Is there some way to teleport it here? You should swing on over to Melissa's shop and read the rave reviews on this!

I wish my computer was scratch and sniff! Her essential oil products look amazing! And all of her items have received rave reviews. She's been using essential oils for over 6 years! So if you have a question, fire away! She uses only pure essential oils and herbs to make all of her natural bath and body products which include handmade soap, deodorants, lip and headache balms, bath scrubs and fizzies. The essential oils are added to each bath and body items to relax, energize, sooth or just to give a wonderful aroma.

Head on over there to pamper yourself or someone special and find CLUE #7!!!

Only a few days left!! Hurry up and get you entries! Click here to find out how and where to enter!

Have fun!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Jewels By Jane and Clue #6

If you're new to the game, click here first ;o)

Ya know, I really love our SHE team (Schooling @ Home Etsians). I've gotten to know a bunch of really neat Mamas from all over the country! Jane is another one of those interesting people ;o) She was also a big help in getting my blog lookin spiffy ;o)

She creates the neatest folk button art! It's all very unique and 'Feel-able'! Now how often can you say to your friends "Come over here and FEEL this new art work I just got!" This is a great way to add a little life to an otherwise quiet area of your home. How about a Waterfall in your bathroom? Or a little Twilight for the entry way? The above pic of her Beach work, is my fav! I'm in need of a little beach weather....

So if you're in the mood to spruce up your space with a little texture, hop on over to Jane's shop Where you'll also find the next clue!!!
Check out her fun blog

Don't forget all the ways to earn entries! Read about the all here

Thanks for playing!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hands Delight and Clue #5

If you're new to the game, click here first ;o)

There is so much to love in Liz's shop, !!
She has a whole shop full of beautiful knits! Both practical and fun ;o) So many useful things, snuggly slippers for these cold February mornings, durable nylon pot scrubbers (for when I get sidetracked and leave the oatmeal on too long... again), or her quick essentials bag (only enough room for what's really important! No more clutter!). She's also knit up some unique home decor and gift items! Take a peek at her Easter mirror, or the crochet snow flakes or Monogrammed cross!

Go read more about her latest project and inspirations on her blog

And be sure to visit her store for the latest clue
Scroll down and find clues #1-4!
So far we've had 1 person find the hidden item and another REALLY close guess! Keep looking, and let me know if you've found it or if you think these clues aren't helping and maybe I'll have to be a little more obvious ;o)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Calico Prairie and Clue #4

If you're new to the game, click here first ;o)

Kristi from, is another one of these wonderful Mom's I've met via SHEteam. She's shares her "Laura Engalls Wilder" side with us on her fun little Etsy shop. She has a love for things with an 1800's style!

Ever just want to turn the world off and move to a little house surrounded by gardens and pasture? Hmmm... I know I sure do! And I know I'll need a good apron when I do that!

Another thing I love about her shop are her reusable gift bags! I always hate wasting money on a gift bag that just gets tossed. These sweet little bags will be a gift in themselves! Perfect for Easter goodies!! Pass that along to the bunny...

Head on over to and find CLUE #4!!!
Happy hunting ;o)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Havenwood Farms

So have you all been looking?? Any ideas about what the hidden item could be??? So far no guesses, but we're just getting started ;o) To find your next clue, go check out this fun little shop run by another sweet homeschoolin Mama named Shanan

Shanan makes wonderful looking soaps and tats some incredible jewelry and home decor items. I never heard of tatting until I checked out Shanan's shop. It's a way to create beautiful lace by hand with a series of knot and loops. Very interesting! You'll have to go check it out!

Contact her for your next fundraiser! Many scents and swirls to choose from!!

Find out more about Shanan, their farmstead, and her many talents at

Don't forget to check out her shop and find clue #3!!!

Thanks! and Happy St Valentines Day!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Bow N Hairo Designs

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Candace who's the brains behind this sweet little shop. My girls are sporting her wares as we Anyways ;o) I LOVE LOVE LOVE these clippies! They actually STAY PUT! Imagine that! Not to mention they are really adorable. She's fantastic with custom orders! Did you check out her Minnie clippies? A custom order for a B-day party! What a fun idea.

If you've got little girls, you really should go check out her headbands and clippies. Even if you don't have little girls, go check out her shop and you'll find clue #2... "Where Cuteness Is Your Best Defense"
Check out her current special and her blog
10% off all orders over $10 and FREE SHIPPING for all orders over $20!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Ok here we go again! Scroll down to the Hide N Seek post for new rules!!
Have fun!! Happy Hunting!!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The first clue...

If you're new to the game, click here first ;o)

I will post a clue every couple of days to help you discover the secret object! The clues will start off vague and gradually become more obvious. Have fun! And please ask any questions you have, so we can make sure we've ironed out all the kinks ;o)

Here's your first clue...
Most of us own at least one of these

Have fun! And convo me on Etsy when you think you've discovered it!!


Gypsy Moon Art giveaway!

This is a friend from my West Michigan etsy team ;o) She's giving away a beautiful pair of earring to celebrate the B-day of her and her Daughter ;o)

Friday, January 29, 2010

SHE Team Hide and Seek Game!


Join our virtual game of Hide N Seek! You could win a prize pack filled with items from SHE team shops!!

Our game is free to play! Up for grabs is a prize pack filled with items from SHE team shops!!

How to play virtual Hide N Seek...

In the etsy search box at, type our key word "HideNSeekEtsy". That will bring up shops participating in this game. Somewhere in one of those shops is hidden a secret object ;o) Every few days I will feature a new shop here on my blog, go visit that featured shop to find clues about the hidden object.

How to WIN...

Earn entries now though Feb 28th @ midnight central time...
1) Find the hidden object= 5 entries (convo Shannon @ if you find it!)
2)Make a purchase in a participating shop= 4 entries
3)Post a link to this listing on your Blog, Facebook, or Twitter = 1 entry for each one
4) E-mail at least 5 friends
5) Add at least 2 participating shops as favorites.

Post here to get credit for your entries! No need to post for each one, one post is fine and I'll sort it out ;o)

Happy Hunting!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Charlie Soap Giveaway!!

Check out !!!
She's having a giveaway for Charlie's Soap
Here's the link...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

And the winner is...

Drum Roll Please...

Woo Hoo! has pick our luck winner...MothersMoon!!!

Ok, I've just been informed by my 4yr old that it doesn't count b/c she wasn't "drum rolling" but after review, the judges have decided that the ruling stands ;o)

Congrats MothersMoon!! I will be contacting you soon and you package will be on its way!

Thanks to everyone for playing and keep your eye out for my next contest! I have a really fun game with LOTS more prizes (possible CASH prizes) to come! I'll start the ball rolling on the next venture in a couple weeks. But you'll certainly want to hear about this one, so don't forget to check back before February ;o)

CraftsbyKarina has beautiful vinyl wall art! And she's offered a Buy One Get One Free or 50% off coupon to our winner (Which will be announced later today!! Check her out for some fun item for your home, gift ideas for the sci fi geek or Twilight fan~ Thanks!!!

BarefootBelleDesigns has donated a $15 gift certificate! Here shop specializes in invitations, stationary and holiday cards. And she LOVES custom orders! All her designs are for you to print! She designs a beautiful card and you save money by having them printed yourself! Go check out her super cute designs at

And lastly, Scrap With Style has given a fun little ribbon grab bag! There are so many fun things to do with a beautiful piece of ribbon! She offers many fun ribbon designs and styles! Hey you scrapbookers and bowmakers! Go have a peek at

And that is the last of our fun items! And just in time too! I've reached 125 sales! The winner will be posted later today. So in the mean time go visit some of our sponsors and then check back here later to see if it's you!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Beautiful Monogramed Notecards from Pitakits

Thanks to PitaKit for another great item to add to our pack! A custom design will be created for your personal monogram using colors of your choice and with a design aesthetic created with your guidance. A total of 3 designs will be drafted and then 10 laser printed notecards/envelopes will be created for the winner! Need some invitations? Or Valentines Day cards? Go on over to and look at her unique work!

TheDynaSmiles has offered this coupon for everyone!! So use this coupon and go check out her beautiful custom artwork!!

More Wonderful SHE Team Goodies!

Check out this latest group of  wonderful items to add to our amazing prize pack!
This cute little Folk Art Bead Ornament is from ;o)
Jane is one more great Mama on the Schooling @ Home Etsians team, she has been so helpful in getting my blog looking good.  Her shop is choc full of beautiful BUTTONS!  And you're in luck!  All her Christmas ornaments and wreaths are now 30% off!  Not in the Christmas mood anymore?  Well, she has some fun winter theme folk art as well as an intriguing 'Twilight' piece.  Head on over and check her out!!

I also received a scrumptious massage bar from  This heart-shaped cocoa butter massage bar is soothing for that dry winter skin. It is made with cocoa butter, coconut oil, vitamin e oil and chamomile essential oil. Solid, but will start to melt once you hold it in your hands for a minute or two. Great for use on those dry spots like elbows and heels. It would make a great gift for that special someone this Valentine's Day!  I've marked it as a favorite of mine and might just have to grab one ;o) Mmm... I could use a massage...

Check back soon!!  I'll be posting some gift certificates an BOGO coupons to round out our HUGE giveaway!  I'm at 124 sales!!!  SO THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO GET ENTERED!!!!
Good luck to all!

Monday, January 11, 2010




Design Dream has generously donated a BOGO coupon good for ALL photo cards! Go check out her designs at . More options for V-day! Thanks again!
You'll have to click on the pic to view the whole thing... I'm not sure how to shrink it ;o)

Some of my favorite SHE teamers...

I'm very excited to showcase some of these amazing ladies from our SHE team. SHE=Schooling @Home Etsians ;o) Woo Hoo Homeschoolin Mamas!

The denim hat is from . Kim's sewing talent is only surpassed by her southern charm! She is one of the sweetest Mama's I've met on Etsy. She made me an adorable apron with pockets that I get so many compliments on. It was one of those things that she just whipped up one afternoon. This denim hat that she donated would look AMAZING with a cute little flower pin.

I also got a warm and cozy pair of slippers from Liz @ , another wonderful SHE team member ;o) This girl is a whiz with a crochet hook! Go check out her store for hats, dish cloths, even home decor! You can read all the latest info on Liz and her shop at

More from some wonderful SHE team Mamas :o)

Karista from sent this adorable "Best Wishes" card! She's so sweet, she even sent a card congratulating me on reaching 100 sales! Thanks a bunch! Go check out her store, she has some beautiful cards and other items, just in time for Valentines day! Imagine how touched your family and friends will be when you give them handmade Valentines. Maybe even send one as a secret admirer ;o)

Sonja, who runs is one of those other seamstresses I admire! Her shop is one of my new favorites. She's donated that cute Luggage Tag. She has an entire shop FULL of things I'd like to buy! Check out her Huckleberry Hobo Game~too cute! My kids would love that! Also check out her SALE section, it's all HALF OFF! I love a good deal... I may have to go shopping...

And last, but certainly not least are those sweet little hair clippies from . She gave me an extra pair to try out, and let me tell you, I am impressed! My girls NEVER keep clippies in their hair, but my almost 3yr old kept them in her hair all day! In fact, I just ordered a whole bunch of clippies from her and I can't wait! She's also one of those super fun people to work with and talk to. We've had a great time chatting and putting a swap together ;o)

Thanks again to these wonderfully sweet Homeschooling Mamas from the SHE team. When you're on Etsy seach SHEteam for loads of handmade goodies from homeschooling families all across the globe! I sure do appreciate our SHE team, it's been a great source of encouragement, help and of course wonderful handmade items ;o) You ALL rock! Thanks for everything!!

Psst... scroll down...

I just added a pic to the first post of giveaway items from Purple Petal and Prairie Grass Sundries... Scroll down and take a look!

More Fun than a girl should have!

I feel like St. Nick! What a fun job he has! I think I like giving gifts almost more than receiving them! Here are a couple more items to add to the prize pack!

This is a bath themed post I guess! I didn't do that on purpose, but it works! sent me a BUNCH of wonder Lavender soap samples, so I think I'll be sending a few to the winner and a few more with other orders! Her prices are VERY reasonable and her soaps are really cute looking! Check out the chocolate chip vanilla! Mmm...

Next up is a wonderfully fun face scrubbie from Krys. You can visit her shop "While you Sleep I Crochet" at . She's can sure rock those crochet hooks! Go check out the sock monkey hat! So adorable! She's also a very sweet person to work with ;o) I had fun creating a birthstone bracelet for her a few months ago. Super talented and friendly to boot!

Thanks again for taking part in our fun and giving me the opportunity to give away some great gifts to our lucky winner!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'd like to file a missing persons report...

Anyone seen my camera? I think he ran away with the spoon.... or my 2yr old, she looks suspicious!

After I turn my house upside down to find it, I'll post pics of the great stuff I got in the mail yesterday! And maybe by then the mail will have arrived for today too!

I'm at sale 109! When I reach 125, that's the end! So get your entries! And go check out the etsy shops who've donated things for our fun giveaway ;o)


Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm such a Blogger Noob! And Giveaway Details ;o)

Thanks a ton to Jane from
She's been helping me figure this out! I read enough blogs you think this would be easier ;o)

Like my new look? Now I just have to figure out how to get the cute banner to work!

This 100th sale giveaway is so much fun! And we're just beginning! Wanna get entered?? Here's the OFFICIAL methods of entry....
To get entered you have to visit
my shop AND at least one of the following...
1) Make a purchase in my shop! 2 entries for each item and an extra entry if you spend over $50!
2) Post on Facebook or Twitter
3) Post on your Blog and send me a link
4) E-mail a BUNCH of your friends
5) Favorite my shop AND one of the other Etsy Shops in the giveaway

Good Luck Everyone!!!

Today's items!

Woo Hoo! Mary the mail lady came early!
Today I received a BEAUTIFUL ornament from Mommy's Dream Creations. A cute little snow man and camp fire on one side with a pine tree on the other side to give it a neat 3-D effect. She has a whole shop full of hand painted glass items that make great gifts! She also has a sale on all her Snowman items! Beat the winter “blahs”...snowmen can brighten up any day! Contact her for personalized items too! Check it all out at~
She's a fellow SHE teamer ;o)

I also received some super sweet cards from Kim Madsen. Visit her shop at~ . She has some beautiful hand painted wooden items. Check out her wooded recipe box . That would make such a unique and meaningful wedding or bridal shower gift! Contact her for custom orders!

Thanks again Everyone!
Now, go post on your blogs and facebook pages or e-mail your friends to get entered into my HUGE 100th Sale Giveaway. Even better, head over to my shop and snag yourself a nursing bracelet, even if you're not a nursing mom, it's very good at keeping track of the 8 glasses of water you ought to be drinking.

Oh! Whoever wins my HUGE giveaway is going to be soooo happy!

The incredible items keep coming in from all of the amazing Etsy shops who have been generous enough to donate item to help me celebrate my 100th sale! Let me tell you about some of these amazing gals ;o)

Yesterday I received an adorable little crayon roll from BowBows & More! Well actually I received 2 of them because I just had to buy one for my girls! They're a great way to keep your little ones crayons all in one place! You can visit her adorable shop~ . She also has adorable non slip clips and fun jewelry!

Man! This is almost better than Christmas! Giving away such beautiful things is soooo much fun! I'm REALLY excited to giveaway a $10 gift certificate and "celebrate" hand stamped metal pendant from Silver Frog Studio. She was really fun to talk to ;o) Go check out her amazing items~

Thanks to everyone!! I will be posting some more items later today!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Giveaway Goodies Are Arriving!

Yesterday afternoon I received some wonderful lip balm from Prairie Grass Sundries, please check her out at PrairieGrassSundries.etsy .com for some wonderful looking handmade soaps, laundry detergent and a variety of other scrubby things. Some laundry soap would be great! No crazy chemicals, brighteners, and binders! Thanks Dawn!!

I also received some adorable pocket tissue holders from Purple Petal. Her shop is located at . She also make super cute totes, altered clocks, and a handful of other beautiful must haves ;o)

Wonder what treasure Mary, my favorite mail lady, will bring me today!

Thanks everyone who donated items, and thank you most of all to all of my wonderful customers!
~Organic Mama

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hey Everyone! Check out this giveaway by a friend from our SHE team (Schooling @ Home Etsians) You can win some super cute fabric ;o)

After my kiddos go to bed, I'll update the list of items that have come in for my HUGE giveaway!!


Monday, January 4, 2010

100th Sale GIVEAWAY!!

Visit my Etsy Front page for all the details!!!

So far over $100 worth of products, samples, BOGO coupons, and gift certificates have been donated!! And I'm at 103 sales and counting! WOO HOO!!

Today the 1st giveaway item arrived! Some beautiful hand stamped tags from

~Organic Mama