Monday, January 11, 2010

More Fun than a girl should have!

I feel like St. Nick! What a fun job he has! I think I like giving gifts almost more than receiving them! Here are a couple more items to add to the prize pack!

This is a bath themed post I guess! I didn't do that on purpose, but it works! sent me a BUNCH of wonder Lavender soap samples, so I think I'll be sending a few to the winner and a few more with other orders! Her prices are VERY reasonable and her soaps are really cute looking! Check out the chocolate chip vanilla! Mmm...

Next up is a wonderfully fun face scrubbie from Krys. You can visit her shop "While you Sleep I Crochet" at . She's can sure rock those crochet hooks! Go check out the sock monkey hat! So adorable! She's also a very sweet person to work with ;o) I had fun creating a birthstone bracelet for her a few months ago. Super talented and friendly to boot!

Thanks again for taking part in our fun and giving me the opportunity to give away some great gifts to our lucky winner!

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