Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hands Delight and Clue #5

If you're new to the game, click here first ;o)

There is so much to love in Liz's shop, !!
She has a whole shop full of beautiful knits! Both practical and fun ;o) So many useful things, snuggly slippers for these cold February mornings, durable nylon pot scrubbers (for when I get sidetracked and leave the oatmeal on too long... again), or her quick essentials bag (only enough room for what's really important! No more clutter!). She's also knit up some unique home decor and gift items! Take a peek at her Easter mirror, or the crochet snow flakes or Monogrammed cross!

Go read more about her latest project and inspirations on her blog

And be sure to visit her store for the latest clue
Scroll down and find clues #1-4!
So far we've had 1 person find the hidden item and another REALLY close guess! Keep looking, and let me know if you've found it or if you think these clues aren't helping and maybe I'll have to be a little more obvious ;o)

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