Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Calico Prairie and Clue #4

If you're new to the game, click here first ;o)

Kristi from CalicoPrairie.etsy.com, is another one of these wonderful Mom's I've met via SHEteam. She's shares her "Laura Engalls Wilder" side with us on her fun little Etsy shop. She has a love for things with an 1800's style!

Ever just want to turn the world off and move to a little house surrounded by gardens and pasture? Hmmm... I know I sure do! And I know I'll need a good apron when I do that!

Another thing I love about her shop are her reusable gift bags! I always hate wasting money on a gift bag that just gets tossed. These sweet little bags will be a gift in themselves! Perfect for Easter goodies!! Pass that along to the bunny...

Head on over to CalicoPrairie.etsy.com and find CLUE #4!!!
Happy hunting ;o)

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