Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mountaineer Country

If you're new to the game, click here first!

Shannon is a very talented and inspiring homeschooling mama. She and her family have relocated to the foothills of beautiful West Virginia, seeking a simpler, family-centered lifestyle. That feeling of beautiful simplicity, faith and harmony shines through when you visit her shop or her blog.

Shannon, along with her family, work to create the "eclectic mix" of items you find in her shop. There are knitted and crocheted items such as scarves, bath puffs and other bath items. Then there are also turned or carved wooden items; adorable toy boats, lovely bowls, ink pens, and many others. All the items are of such fine quality, it's amazing that one family could produce them all! It would be hard to know what to choose - a bath puff would be a nice treat; but the toy boats are so precious!

So visit, and see for yourself - and find clue #9!

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