Saturday, April 10, 2010

Preview of my week...

Ok, today is the day!  I'm going to spend this weekend getting my life a little more organized!  And I'm blogging about it in hopes that it keeps me accountable.... even if no one else reads it.. hehe ;o)  But if you do, leave me a comment!  It's always nice to know someone's checkin in on me.

I think my Achilles heel is that there is nothing constant in my day... Z never leaves at the same time in the morning, or get home at the same time at night.  We have no buses to catch, no school bells or time clocks....  So our days are kinda just go with the flow, see where we end up.  And that's not working!  I don't usually like where we end up- pressed for time, messy kitchen, forgotten naps, missed events, and no time for what really counts.

So I've identified my problem- now what's the solution?  There seems to be some mental block for me with getting organized.  But I think my plan for this week is to get military style strict with our meal schedule. 
8:30- Start Breakfast
12:30- Start Making Lunch
5:00 Begin Dinner Prep

I'm setting my alarm, and when it goes off, I'm going to drop what I'm doing and get working in the kitchen ;o)  I'm going to focus on those time frames and I think the rest of the days activities will fall into place around them...  If i can accomplish this for one week, I'll add some more to my schedule the following week.
Check back tomorrow for my meal plan!



  1. Great idea! I'm trying a similar approach. We have our mealtimes down (my kids are like clocks...they know when it's time to eat). I need to schedule time for exercise, house de-clutter and creative time. I spend too much time on the computer, so I'll be cutting back on that some and scheduling time for the rest.

    Will be interested to see how your week goes...and I'll let you know on mine. :o)

  2. Thanks Gayle ;o)
    Yes, time for exercise, cleaning and crafting will all come next week (If I can nail this week). I think where I always fail in my scheduling is that I over do it. I plan the whole day, but when something pops up, my whole schedule is shot. So my hope is to just add one thing at a time. But that is SO hard! I'm having to stop myself from adding exercise or quite prayer ore whatever else, to my schedule ;o)
    You know the saying about eating an elephant!
    I hope you have a great week too!!