Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back to School Shopping!?!

I know I say it every year, but can it really be back to school season already!?!?!  I feel like I'm just getting into the swing of summer... I haven't even gotten a chance to go camping or to the beach yet {yeah, I know that makes me a bad Michigander, but no... Something about 5 kids + sweaty sandy sun baked skin, just doesn't appeal to me, but I know beach outings are obligatory when you live in the Great Lakes State!}  So instead of focusing on the impending school year, I've decided to spend a little extra time in my shop this week ;)  That's a good thing for you, but a bad thing for my mounting to do.  But ah, I'll worry about that later... 

So while I'm working on some new earring flavors, why don't you do some back to school shopping Mama style ;)  With a new piece of jewelry, you'll be ready to face the change of season with a smile on your face!  
Not like you need an excuse for some new jewelry ;)  But the next 2 orders placed on OrganicMamasShop.com will receive a free Nursing Necklace!

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And just as a little teaser, I'm going to try to post some pics later this week from my newly 9yr olds Narnia Birthday party!  It was wonderful and tons of fun, but pretty simple and very un-pinteresting ;)  But that's a good things and I'll tell you why!

Comment below and tell me I'm not the only one ready to think about back to school!?!

Hope you all have a beautiful week! 


  1. We are not only thinking back to school but started back up :) We usually school year around with breaks here and there. This year our 'summer' started at Easter with a few little things going on to keep the reading flowing. We are adding a few subjects as I finally get lesson plans written up. We found your blog on the CATHSwap chat list, thanks for sharing! From another Catholic, homeschooling, health nut wanna be homesteader :) PS Your jewlery is beautiful!

  2. Since this is the first year I am not a teacher or a student for the last 22 years...I don't have to think about "back to school." Not yet anyway - Fulton is just two short years away from his schooling adventures, until then "back to school" will not be a thought on my mind!